Zwolle Station

Stationsplein, Zwolle, Nederland

Station Zwolle is currently undergoing the biggest renewal since 150 years. On behalf of NS Stations and together with ProRail and the Municipality of Zwolle, Team V made a feasibility study on the quality of the environmental and reception areas, aiming to improve the coherence between the different renewal projects and to ensure that Station Zwolle and her surroundings will become spatially and functionally whole again.

The study resulted in a comprehensive vision consisting of a coherent redevelopment of both station plazas including the design of two welcoming and recognizable station entrances, the revitalization of the historic station building into a public function and the creation of a direct pedestrian connection to the nearby Lübeckplein. These developments will give the station and its surroundings a critical quality boost, which is an important prerequisite for the future urban development of the surrounding areas.