New Sparrendaal

Sparrendaalseweg 9, Vught, Nederland

New Sparrendaal Estate, designed with tremendous attention to detail, is tailored to the exact wishes of its residents. They wanted living space and also space to welcome groups for cultural activities. Team V Architecture designed two buildings: a villa to live in and a pavilion containing reception spaces.

NINE VOLUMES – The villa consists of a sturdy volume clad in panels of basalt. Four glazed axes cut through this block, splitting the floor plan into nine spaces, each with its own function and character. Containing the entrance, circulation space, and a conservatory, the glazed axes establish visual connections with the surrounding landscape. The basalt cladding extends indoors, making the corridors feel like outdoor spaces. This effect is enhanced by the elongated swimming pool that extends from one of the axes.

PAVILION – The pavilion is somewhat hidden on the estate. The plectrum-shaped floor plan consists of an apartment for the supervisor and two multipurpose spaces. The interior is bright, simple, and finished in natural materials. All functions are located behind bamboo room dividers that can rotate or slide to create various spatial configurations. This allows the residents of New Sparrendaal to use the pavilion for various activities, from art exhibitions to yoga lessons, and from working meetings to small recitals.

ART – The residents wanted sufficient space for their art collection at New Sparrendaal. That is why both the rooms and the axes in the residence feature generous expanses of wall surface. The love of art is so extreme that two artists were invited to work on the design of the dining room and study. The latter, featuring two-tone parquet flooring, was fitted out by Joost van Bleiswijk with his robust “no-screw, no-glue” cabinets of white and weathering steel. The double-height dining room is the work of Kiki van Eijk. Featuring ultramarine walls and an impressive chandelier of white hand-blown Venetian glasswork in the form of tableware, this space is an artwork in its own right.