Ministry Of Finance*

Korte Voorhout 7, Den Haag, Nederland

The transformation of the dated Ministry of Finance building was a pilot project for the Dutch government for the new type of procurement, the DBFMO contract. This procurement process placed the design, build, finance, maintain and operate processes for the building in the hands of a consortium of private partners, yielding a comprehensive design that is considerably cheaper over the life cycle of the building.

The new energy-efficient building, accommodating 1,850 workspaces, has a transparent double-glazed facade, integrated into the existing concrete structure. Two internal courtyards have been transformed: one given back to the city as an external semi-public meeting space, and the other converted into an internal garden under a new glass roof. The communal areas of the Ministry have been positioned in and around this centrally located, light and transparent atrium.

*Delivered by MVSA Meyer and Van Schooten Architects