Hotel Arena

's-Gravesandestraat 51, Amsterdam, Nederland

Hotel Arena in Amsterdam is extended with a new hotel wing and two modern pavilions housing a café and meeting rooms. With the design of the new hotel wing, the main entrance of the hotel is relocated from the street to the Oosterpark-side, so that building benefits optimally from its location.

The high glass facades of the pavilions are designed to make a soft fade between inside and outside. Café-Restaurant PARK in the western pavilion has a spacious outdoor terrace, which is connected to the park with a wide staircase.

The design of the extension elaborates on the original plan by architect Adrian Bleijs dating 1888. His design for the St. Elizabeth Asylum consisted of several phases, of which less than half has been completed.

The chapel, originally decorated with stained glass, has been restored and is now used for weddings and events.