Korte Ouderkerkerdijk, Amsterdam, Nederland

HAUT, the 21-storey residential building by the River Amstel in Amsterdam, is a serious contender to become the tallest timber hybrid tower in the world. The innovative wooden high-rise construction and the energy-generating facades make HAUT a prototype of innovative, sustainable construction.

HAUT stands for ‘haute couture’: tailor-made architecture. The design offers buyers extensive freedom of choice in the size of their apartment, the number of floors, the lay-out and the positioning of double height spaces, outdoor loggia’s and balconies. The façade is characterized by strong, clear lines of light grey floor bands and tall windows, with an apparently random pattern of cantilevering balconies. The wooden finishing underneath the balconies and the pronounced projections at the sharp building corner facing the River Amstel make HAUT’s architecture strikingly distinctive.