Gemini TU/e

GEMINI-Zuid, Eindhoven, Nederland

Starting point for the renovation design for the Gemini university building are the characteristic architecture and the unique spatial layout with different floor heights for research and offices. Built in the seventies, Gemini was specifically designed for the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology by architect and urban designer S.J. van Embden. The building consists of two parts; a low-rise working hall building and a higher education building. The twin buildings comprise educational and research facilities, including laboratories.

The design of the new façade remains close to the original façade, which is characterized on the south side by balconies and on the north side by a glass curtain wall. On the north side of the building a wide staircase will be laid over the existing transformer building. This intervention enhances the appearance of the public space significantly and gives the building a second attractive entrance that provides direct access to the first floor, the ‘main level’ of Gemini.

In accordance with the original design, the first floor will be set up with a public ‘street’, along which the restaurant, the teaching rooms, labs, practical rooms and study places will be located. The street connects to the walkway system that connects the entire TU/e Campus. This configuration enhances the possibilities for other university departments to make use of these facilities. Higher up in the building the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering both have their own space.

Gemini is not the only building on the TU/e campus that Team V works on. At the same time as Gemini, we started on the design for the renovation of Laplace. The renovation of Atlas is was completed in 2019.
For more information on the renovation of Gemini, you can visit the TU/e project website.