Bethlehem Lounge

Korte Voorhout, 2514 AB Den Haag, Nederland

The Ministry of Finance building in The Hague has a new lounge. With a coffee bar and a varied mix of seating areas – from semi-closed compartments with TV screens to coffee tables and sofas – the Bethlehem lounge answers the wishes of the ministry staff for more informal meeting places.

The lounge replaces the documentation center on the ground floor, which was no longer needed after digitizing the archives. The space is adjacent to the green central atrium and is part of the reception area, which also includes the restaurant and meeting center. To reinforce the spatial relationship with the reception area, the wooden floor has been extended from the atrium into the lounge. The wooden floor, felt upholstery, large plants and color palette of red, pink and warm gray give the lounge a warm and homely atmosphere.

The permanent furniture has been specially designed for the Bethlehem Lounge, such as the coffee bar, planters with integrated benches and waste separation and phone booths with fold-out tables. Part of the lounge has black, lowered ceilings, creating cozy seating areas between the robust column structure and providing a logical zoning of the space.