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Team V Architecture

Profile & Mission


Team V is a young yet highly experienced architecture firm based in Amsterdam. Team V has a special expertise in collaborative, sustainable and integrated building designs, including universities, government buildings and mixed-use high-rises.

The office comprises over fifty creative professionals, mostly architects and technical designers, who work closely together as one solid team.


The strength of our architecture lies in the precision and character of our response. The architecture of Team V is effective and refined. Robust and functional. Expressive and original. Team V searches for an accurate and evocative solution to each brief. We give space and shape to the expectations and desires of all parties involved. The synergy of function and beauty.

Team V puts the joint result first. We bring our collective expertise with complex projects to the table. And our personal experience as designers. Our own perspective. In every process we make use of the competencies of others. Together we create the best possible result.

Architecture connects and brings people together. For us a building is not finished when it opens. It is just getting ready to contribute to culture and society.