Architectenweb Awards 2019 ‘School Building of the Year’ goes to Atlas

1 November 2019

Yesterday evening, the main building of the Eindhoven University of Technology, Atlas, has won the Architectenweb Award for ‘School Building of the Year’. This is the third award for Atlas, in addition to the Dirk Roosenburg Award 2019 and the International BREEAM Award 2017. Senior architect Fleur Kay and architect Marthe Melief received the award.

About Atlas

The robust
TU/e main building from 1963 has been transformed into a transparent and
energy-efficient university building, by Team RSVP – Team V Architecture, Van
Rossum, Valstar Simonis and Peutz. The design of Atlas combines optimum reuse
with state-of-the-art materials and smart technology. The result is an
intelligent building that can adapt to future developments, so that it is also
“smart” in 2050.

Architectenweb Awards 2019

Architectenweb has been organizing the Architectenweb Awards for two years. They have also taken over the prestigious ‘Architect of the Year’ award from ArchitectenWerk. This year the jury for ‘School Building of the Year’ consisted of: Richelle de Jong (architect, DP6), Nanne de Ru (architect, Powerhouse Company), Ellen van der Wal (architect, Vakwerk), Marnix van der Meer (architect, Zecc), Eric-Jan de Rooij (developer, Lingotto), Marieke Berkers (architectural historian). The other nominees were: elementary school De Molenwiek by Korth Tielens architects, school MFA ‘Onderdak’ by NOAHH, Simon van Hasseltschool by BDG Architects, and CUBE by KAAN Architects.

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